Roger Only Thinks of Himself, Marijuana and his Political Campains

Back in 2012, Roger Goodman (D-Kirkland) had hoped that he could keep a lid on parts of his life that he’d managed to keep secret for years.  He’d hoped that he could stall his divorce until after the election in November. With some help from his political supporters he was able to keep a lid on many of the details, which did not fully surface until months later.  Now that the truth has finally come out about Representative Roger Goodman, a truth that he had hoped Voters in Washington’s 45th Legislative District (Kirkland, Redmond, Woodinville, Sammamish, Duvall, Carnation) would never hear about.  And though Roger Goodman has stated that he believes that the laws that apply to other people don’t apply to him, the truth about Roger Goodman is a matter of public record – and it’s not pretty.  Whatever Roger Goodman may say in his speeches and slick advertising, the reality is something quite different. Although there may be some debate over whether Roger Goodman is a good legislator or not, it is pretty clear from his court records that he is not a good man.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be posting excerpts of court documents that have been seen by very few people until now.  Court documents that paint a sad picture of a man who doesn’t think the laws that apply to the rest of us apply to him, which allows him to rationalize his drug use, driving his kids around in the car while high on marijuana, not paying his income taxes and child support, among others.  Roger Goodman has taken a few round the world trips to “find himself” before, maybe now is time for Roger to go do that again.

Facebook:  Roger Goodman: Not A Good Man

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1 thought on “Roger Goodman: Not A Good Man

  1. Concerned citizen

    I have no idea what your agenda is, but your delivery tells me that you are an extremist. I am not a hater. My hope is that rational people avoid people like you. Negative ads yield negative responses. Be positive and I will listen. Tell me what you have to offer. This type of advertising is killing our county. What is it that you have to offer?


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