Roger denies the allegations? It’s not the first time…

Roger at computerIn the KOMO 4 story last week Roger Goodman “denied the allegations” made in our TV ad where we informed voters that he drives stoned with kids in the car, didn’t file income taxes and was taken to court to force him to pay delinquent child support.

This isn’t the first time Roger has “denied allegations” to cover up embarrassing facts. Read the Seattle Times article that talks about how Roger resigned under a cloud of suspicion from his job at the Sentencing Guidelines Commission that he brags about on his resume.

From the Times article: “Goodman conceded personal use of his computer, but claimed other employees using his password were responsible for visits to adult Web sites linked to his computer.”

Really Roger? Someone snuck into the boss’s office (yours), logged into your computer when you were gone, used your password and looked at porn on a government computer…in a government building?

Shifting blame to cover up an embarrassing fact will not change that fact.

Roger Goodman…is NOT a “good man.”

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