Apparently Roger Goodman doesn’t think that the laws that he works in the legislature to pass and that he swears an oath to uphold really apply to him.  Roger’s view of how the law applies to him and to everyone else is a matter of public record.

“As a legislator, he makes DUI laws and then violates those same laws that he has enacted. He has repeatedly said over the years that he can ‘break the rules of life’ as those rules ‘only apply to other people’ and not to him.”

Goodman Timeline1

Maybe that is why Representative Goodman didn’t think the rules of life (including the laws of Washington State) applied to him when he would get high on marijuana and drive his children in the car, even before marijuana was legal in Washington. (Note to Roger Goodman: even with pot legalization it is still illegal to drive under the influence).  Maybe that also the reason he didn’t see a need to file his income taxes or pay his tax bills? Maybe that is the reason he didn’t see anything wrong with using his password protected government computer to access adult (pornographic) websites while he was Executive Director of the Washington State Sentencing Guidelines Commission?

Do we really want a legislator who passes laws that he doesn’t believe apply to him?


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